Bunny Holiday presents ShowFace! a fashion film.
A film debuting NEW colors and show casing designs all by Bunny Holiday made in Los Angeles CA. The film reflects how the relentless pressure to attend endless fab fashion events in killer looks can sometimes leave socialites feeling drained, haunted and even dead after being in the company of what can be dangerous characters. Bunny follows a character that is hard to see under her vail, the vail we all can fall victim of.

**The main draw for inspiration for this piece was a memory of a piece featured in an Andy Warhol exhibition 'Suicide' (Fallen Body) 1962. Combined with true to socialite life experience in Hollywood. The iconic photo featured by Warhol is a woman who has fallen on top of a car and impacted it with her body, but she has died beautifully, the car almost drapes around her like satin, she looks tranquil, untouched by death. The end shot is a mimic of this photo because I had the vision of recreating this with various fabrics, including actual satin and also reflective material. This film is vintage-alternative, euro erotica and horror inspired by such directors as Jesus Franco, Sergio Martino, and Kenneth Anger. All clothing featured in this film are Bunny Holiday designs, made in Los Angeles. It was filmed in the famous historic landmark mansion, the Garbutt house in SIlverlake Los Angeles. Everyone who has a playing role in this film has modeled for the fashion brand, Bunny Holiday and are fellow creatives. We do it for the love of the art. Thank you- Bunny Holiday

Cast: Bunny Holiday, Folerio, Glume, Danielle Darling, Lydia Ren, Alanna Planet, Josfine Chumley, Ruby Bryant, Frankie, Kimchi, and Gandolf.
Directed by Bunny Holiday and Miss World
FIlmed by Miss World and Maritza Garcia
Edited by Maritiza Garcia and Bunny Holiday
Audio Bunny Holiday Featuring Music by Peanut Butter Wolf, Gary Wilson, and Bunny Holiday.
Wardrobe + Make up Bunny Holiday